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Hounslow Civic Centre Park and Ride

Why are we introducing a park and ride service?

The RFU are looking for effective ways to move spectators quickly from the local area following a match during the Rugby and offer an additional service when stadium parking is at capacity. 

Will these services add to congestion on the roads?

The idea behind these services is that it will help to relieve match day congestion and move spectators out of the area more quickly.  There should be no increase in congestion.

Can I get a refund if I no longer want the parking?

You can apply for a refund up to 24 hours prior to the event.

I am hiring a car and do not have a registration number?

You may simply put 'HIRE' in the registration box.

Where do I go for the park and ride service?

Hounslow Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN

What type of car parking is available?

A multistory car park which accommodates 500 cars.

What time does the service commence?

The car park and shuttle bus service will run from 08.00hrs to 20.00hrs

Where will the buses be positioned for drop off and pick up?

The buses will pick up directly outside the Civic Centre and drop off in Whitton Dene, just to the north of Twickenham Stadium. After the match they will collect from the drop off area to go directly to the Civic Centre.

How many buses will there be?

There will be 8 buses in total working on the Park and Ride service. These buses will wait with their engines off until spectators start to board so they are ready to move off as soon as they are full.

How will the spectators/queuing be managed?

Rather than a queue, we expect a steady movement of spectators onto the buses and away from Twickenham. The RFU will employ additional stewards to deal with the system and volunteers will also be on hand to direct people to the services. There will also be clear signage throughout the area.

I have walking disability, how can you help?

Twickenham still has accessible parking available close to the stadium. Please visit to book.